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Team & Careers

Do you want to be part of the team which makes the world a better place ? Please send your resume and motivation to info@athalos.com.

Martijn van der Ven – CEO

Martijn has 23 years of experience in the Telecom, Events and Entertainment Industry. Martijn has successfully set up several companies before becoming founder and CEO of Athalos.

Han Breugem – Business Control

Han has 32 years of experience in finance and started his career at KPMG. Han has worked for several successful companies during their scale-up and growth phase and has the experience to manage the financial road to success for Athalos.

Roy Willemsen – Operations

Roy has 30 years of Industry experience, during which time he has successfully launched several companies. Roy has extensive experience executing ICT development projects as a developer and as an operational manager.

Jan Dingenouts – Carrier Relations

Jan knows our industry’s ins and outs like no other. Jan has 23 years of experience within the world of international carriers, during which time he has built an extensive network.

Elles Witvoet – Legal Counsel

Elles has 16 years track record in the Legal profession, during which she has worked for a variety of companies in different industries. Elles is a specialist on privacy and HR related matters and a valuable advisor on more generic legal issues.

Wendy Stedehouder – Projectmanager

Wendy’s is a true project and operational manager. Wendy is best characterized by her international corporate experience. Her exposure to a variety of different businesses and cultures makes her an excellent fit for her role within Athalos.

Thierry van der Weide – Public Affairs

Thierry has an excellent track record in the public domain. His specialty is managing the intricacies and dynamics that are at play between people, profit and public affairs.

Zubair Anwar-Bawany – Partnerships

Zubair Anwar-Bawany is the Global Director for Partnerships and Social Impact at Athalos and is the Country Expert on the United Nation’s SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals.

Mac Glovinsky – Global Data Officer

Mac Glovinsky is our Global Data Officer at Athalos, leveraging his expertise in global development and humanitarian data ecosystems in order to match the Athalos product & service suite between vendors and the market.

Our operations are well automated and require a minimum of people to run smoothly. Our expansion plans would however require a somewhat larger team in the near future.