As a Telemedia service provider Athalos develops, manages and connects clients through proprietary telecom licenses, number plans and Telemedia software. We combine Telecom- and Media solutions into one Telemedia platform, through which we aggregate and transport voice and data traffic to an international network of wholesale operators and carriers. By working closely with leading global carriers, we provide our customers with reliable global coverage.

We currently offer our clients two primary services:

Mobile Billing Services

Mobile Billing Services is a telecom based solution that offers regulated, high quality cross border payment solutions through international service numbers. Service numbersare telephone numbers through which paid services can be provided, and higher rates can be charged. Unlike a normal call, part of the call charge is paid to the service provider,thus enabling businesses to generate revenue through the calls. By managing premium wholesale traffic through IP as well as voice-telecom services, we can connect a variety ofB2B content to TV, Online and Mobile. This enables content providers and contact centers to reach their customers anytime, anywhere.

Be cause our Telemedia-software aggregates and processes all inbound traffic generated on the designated international service number ranges, we can also offer a variety of reporting, monitoring and fraud prevention services.

Global Donation Services

Through Global Donation Services NGOs and charities can generate, collect and administrate donations. Fundraising is often an event-driven hassle for NGOs. Fundraising serviceofferings are fragmented and most fundraising channels have high service fees and low pay-outs. Global Donation Services offers NGOs a portfolio of global (mobile) donationsoptions which can be instantly activated through our customer centric service platform. Effective fundraising requires more than just the transaction; it requires an NGO to get close tothe donator. Our technology is an effective way to get close to donators and to offer them immediate and low-threshold donation options. All traffic can either be delivered to us viaregular telecom services or via VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

Global Donation Services supports charitable initiatives with either regular day to day fundraising, or emergency appeals that require an immediate call to action. Our National andInternational hotline services allow for global campaigns to be set up almost intstantly.

Revenue model

Most of our revenue is currently generated through a ‘no cure, no pay’ revenue sharing model. Read and look everything about our model.

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