Vision and Mission

About Us

Athalos is the No 1 in Global  “One number” Telecommunications. We’ve created a unique Voice Eco system that enables connection between people and businesses all over the world. We aim to develop a global network where everyone’s interconnected in order to level the playing field for all of humanity.

Building Networks for People

Athalos has unique inhouse technology & over 1 billion “Unique” Global telephone numbers available.

Athalos provides a service that has never been possible before

  • Global No1 in a new worldwide “one number” proposition
  • Opening ACCESS for clients to 2-4 billion people globally (who cannot currently call in for a paid service or donation)

  • A unique opportunity to gain additional Revenue & access NEW customers – clients they would otherwise never reach

With Athalos – You can dial into 1 unique number from anywhere in the world

Global Donation Services

Charity or NGO?   Generate more Income fast & access more Donors. Do more good with a quick, free to set up – Global Donation number

Global Communication Services

International call Centre? IT Helpdesk? Or Need Global Televoting Services? Generate income with a chargeable international service telephone number

Global Enterprise Services

Generate income or provide better customer service to your global customers. Increase Accessibility & simplify customer services

Join the Revolution

We are launching  1 billion international, service numbers…these numbers are available
as “Tech for Good” for Enterprise customers, NGO’s, charities & call centres

global ambasador progamme

What we’ve been up to

“ We believe in global communications & creating better connection to make the world a better place for all, that why we launched our Global Ambassadors programme with the UN “