Tech’s Not Just for boys Check shirts

08 March 2021 

Across the world & across all sectors, women’s leadership continues to be underrepresented and that’s been enough motivation to step up.
We’re delighted that our initiative is launched to coincide with #InternationalWomensDay that goes beyond traditional advocacy & support for breaking down barriers.

When we learnt that the percentage of women in the tech sector has not grown significantly enough compared to other industries over the last decade, we felt compelled to do something to address Access and Inclusion of women in the Tech sector. We’ve understood from our friends at the United Nations, that this remains the core issue in creating a changed environment. And as a commercial organisation with a socially conscious, we’re noting opportunities to increase innovation and development of new products and services are being missed as data has indicated that products and services developed by women and for women an create a parallel market, for commercial as well as a social value. Creating interest, access and opportunities amongst young girls indicate a significant uplift in Access & Inclusivity.

Here at Athalos, we believe that we all have a role to play in being Equal. So we developed our Girl 2030 program to increase Access & Inclusivity, addressing the underlying issues of fewer women in tech. And this program will create and develop a pathway for young girls: to Con nect with the Tech sector in a more meaningful and engaging way through Knowledge enhancement, Policy change, Internships, Mentoring and Job opportunities.
We’re aiming to shake things up, as we know that for the past few decades, tech has excluded many of us and women have made up less than 25 percent of the hires in over the past 20 years. That needs to change now if girls are to be part of an inclusive tech workforce. Tech is evolving. It’s no longer boys in Check shirts.

“Our program is very much led by young girls, we focus on building leadership within individual girls first, including self-confidence, personal accountability and long-term aspirations and we’ll steer it in the right direction to developing and honing in on their skills in research, community organising, goal setting, and effective communication and designed to help them  grow professionally and personally. We know Tech is Evolving and changing everyday, however there is still a lack of women in the Tech sector. We aim to create inclusivity and accessibility in the tech sector by making women the pioneers of Tech” said Martijn van der Ven, CEO & Founder of Athalos

Athalos and partners will run 2 Cohorts each year, with the first starting next week and as part of each Cohort, our HERoes will be part of a team leading on the issues of Girls in Tech and around access & inclusion. They’ll be developing our monthly Blogs on the progress towards improving access & inclusion for Girls in Tech, and connecting with Women Leaders in tech to share their stories on progressing Girls in Tech through our monthly Podcasts & webinars.

“Of course, we’ve designed our program so they’ll build meaningful relationships, access changemakers and take advantage of our internships to find their own place. So whether this is to aid Professional Development by adding a new skill to their resume, or establish early Connections & Guidance by learning and connecting with other professionals or its about future placing for the Right Job, joining the Cohort will add much more value” said Martijn

Leading the program at Athalos is Super HERoes and Co Founder of the Breaking Barriers Initiative, Iqra Bawany, “We know that girls are the most influential, the most transformational & untapped currency in the world today. We need to unleash this potential so I’d encourage girls everywhere, come join our movement. Girl 2030 is a Global Community that says We Care, that I matter, You matter, we ALL matter. And we should not ever forget, tech’s not just boys in tech shirts’

Girls from the ages of 17 to 22 will form part of the Cohort made up of a maximum of 15 young girls, over a 5 month period, with a Graduation ceremony held at Athalos HQ in Amsterdam. Graduates may then be considered to move into either: the Global Compact Network Netherlands ‘Young Proffesionals Program’, Athalos Girl 2030 Mentoring Program for the Next Cohort or Graduate into the Athalos Global Ambassador Program.

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Cohort Live date:
15th March 2021

Key dates:
26th of each month Release of Blog on Progress of Girls in Tech Last Wednesday of each month Release of Podcast/Webinar