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Team & Careers

Do you want to be part of the team which makes the world a better place ? Please send your resume and motivation to info@athalos.com.

National team members

Martijn van der Ven – CEO & Founder

Martijn has an entrepreneurial background. He has 23 years of experience in the Telecom, Events & Entertainment Industry. With his strongly driven mindset, Martijn has successfully set up several companies before becoming the founder & CEO of Athalos. Martijn’s forward-thinking leadership leverages purpose in shaping our organizational goals, objectives and structure. This approach to business is reflective in Martijn’s passionate way of life and that’s why he’ll often find a moment to reflect on the world through music, Dj’ing as an expression of his love for everything that life has to offer. This will be released also in Athalos.World. He loves Italian wines and cooking and doing volunteering work for sports and events.

Han Breugem – Head of Business Operations

Han has a finance background. He started his career 32 years at KPMG Klynveld as an auditor assistant and the love for numbers and metrics was born. He moved then to BMW and Laman Technical Wholesale, before joining the Athalos team. He’s analytical and a stickler for accuracy. Han isn’t just about the numbers though, he has a flair in the kitchen, experimenting with flavours and ingredients and that’s expressive also of his reflection and observations of life.


Roy Willemsen – COO

Roy has a telecom, datacom, media and technology background. In his 32 career he has supported and launched several companies and labels (ICarrier BV, Romebo Telecom). Roy’s analytical mindset is reflective & apparent in everything he does, from executing complex ICT development projects developing telecom solutions and billing engines. As technology has advanced, Roy’s flexibility and staying power have chartered the course for how Athalos is running now as a concept for the future. Even when he’s down-timing, Roy likes spending some of that time on new technologies and creating things that make all our lives easier.

Jan Dingenouts – Head of Carrier Relations

Jan has a background in international carriers. He started his career 23 years ago working internationally for KPN International Wholesale, MTN International Carrier Services, Cable & Wireless Communications and Tata Communications. As a true connector and opportunity creator, he has built an extensive international relations network. When he’s unplugged from the tech world, Jan’s passion for traveling & cooking reinvigorates knowledge, enables expression and innovation.

Joost Bremmers, Media & Content-manager

Joost has a media, business and film background. He is an enigmatic storyteller, and presents a compelling visual view of the world. Joost’s empathic directing skills as a young film director will lead Athalos.World to a unique campaign platform where cinema, music and lifestyle are embracing our passions and beliefs.  In an alternative life, Joost sees himself as a Max Verstappen with an interest in Formula 1’s that encompasses his passion for the sport.

Céline van Aalst – PR and Communications Manager

Céline has a communications background. She started her career as voice and presentation specialist at the Theatre Academy in Maastricht. Afterwards she set up her own company providing voice, presentation and communication trainings and voice-overs and supported leading organizations such as ASML, Signify, Scarabee, HP and the Royal Military Academy. She believes in the power of vocal communications has in strengthening human relationships. To relax, Celine’s curious mind still likes to stimulate growth, she does Jivamukt Yoga, loves traveling, cooking and following new courses and trainings.

Vincent Hendriks – Creative & Music Producer

Vincent has a DJ and producer background. He started his career 25 years ago in the music business. As a DJ/producer of The Course with songs as “Ready Or Not” and “Ain’t Nobody,” he managed to have two top ten hits in the UK. Besides, Martijn and Vincent used to have their own radioshow. His real winner mentality and capability to bring music and creation together makes him a true talent. Being a creative mastermind, he makes the perfect fit for the Athalos team to strengthen the creative team. Today he still produces the radioshow of Ferry Corsten. In his free time he likes to travel and has a love for videography.

Peter Nuijten – HR Manager

Peter has a HRM and Engineering background. He has worked for 15 years for Shell in various HR roles in different countries and continents. 
Then he worked as an independent HR consultant with assignments with, amongst others, Ballast Nedam, Organon and Tulip Oil. 
He considers himself to be a business-oriented HR generalist and a credible counsellor and sparring partner to management and staff. 
He holds strong interpersonal and relational skills, being an empathetic, enthusiastic and optimistic person. His hobbies are fitness, cycling (actively as well as organizing events) and reading. As a volunteer, he is contributing to various social initiatives in his hometown.

Nathalie – Global Sales Manager

Nathalie has a marketing and communications background. She has worked for start-ups and multinationals as Canon, Swedish Postal Code Lottery and Betclic and had several successful exits as Beltegoed.nl (top up platform). Currently, she is focusing on scaling and holds several board functions for start-ups and scale ups. Her life motto is ‘screw it, let’s do it,’ thus adding value to any start up or scale up.
With her goal oriented, creative and flexible mind, she loves converting business of technical people into rock solid business. In her free time, Nathalie is a board member of the Energiebank, helping people solve energy bill problems Next to that, she loves training her daughter’s hockey team.

Glenn Burgess – Chief Marketing Officer

Glenn has a marketing background. He made millions doing parties, then lost it all building Myspace and Facebook years before them. Glenn loves to take crap and make it awesome. He is a frequently asked speaker for Google, Natwest bank and UCL and creates global brands and national No1’s such as EBS Barschool, Business Mobiles, Loaded Magazine and so on. His proactive, positive and great deal of patience are his key success factors in doing business. In his free time, Glenn loves surfing, filming, debating and playing guitar.

Our international team members

Zubair Anwar-Bawany – Global Partnerships Director

Zubair has a partnerships background. He started his career in Investment Banking, then moved to UNICEF and comes to Athalos with 20 years of experience leading stakeholder engagement, driving digital acceleration and fostering the UN’s SDG’s internationally. Zubair is a gather, and is passionate about united people for a purpose. When he’s down timing, you’ll find Zubair getting creative behind a coffee machine, roasting coffee, something that’s a passion of his.

Elena Gonzalez, Product manager

Elena has an outstanding track record in as developer, business development, product development and director in the network, operator and service domain of global telecoms. Worked for companies like Ericsson, Jazztel, Sultan Telecom and VOIPING shows here strong ability to join us to achieve the bridge between market and the product and services of Athalos.

Our operations are well automated and require a minimum of people to run smoothly. Our expansion plans would however require a somewhat larger team in the near future.