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Redefining Global Communication 

Are you an organization operating worldwide? Do you need to buy, manage and deploy multiple regional numbers in multiple countries?

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World Service Numbers

Our World Service Numbers are the practical and cost-effective solution for you, designed to simplify inbound calling for your organization

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One Number.

One Flat Fee.


Number Management and Onboarding

For businesses worldwide!

Why World Service Numbers? 

Cost-Effective International Prices
Enjoy a competitive pricing system for calling or messaging abroad
Works Anywhere with Any Device
Use our World Service Numbers with any phone or smart device from anywhere on the globe
Easy Setup and Management
Our Platform is user-friendly, making it easy to handle your calls and messages
Endless Applications
Athalos’ World Service Numbers are perfect for emergency situations, global meetings, and more. It's a great option for financial technology, online services, internet-connected devices, machine-to-machine communication, and artificial intelligence, helping you connect better with people around the world.


Through smart contracts with existing networks we ensure seamless and consistent communication worldwide



Save Resources With One Number

We aim to overcome the limitations of traditional telecommunication models, providing a more streamlined and efficient approach. While also disrupting the traditional pricing models, eliminating inconsistent rates and hidden roaming costs.

Save resources and simplify your device management with just (One) Number by removing the hassle of managing multiple numbers and devices across the globe!
Be ready for endless possibilities with the World Service Numbers from Athalos!

Use Cases


International Businesses
Callcenter Solutions
Donation Services
Flash Calling


International Businesses
OTP (One Time Password)
Transactional Texts
Short Codes

Humanizing the digital world

At Athalos, we are committed to making our world a better place through global communication and collaboration. We align with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 9, focusing on industry, innovation, and infrastructure. Our goal is to provide accessible communication solutions that bridge gaps, unite communities, and promote sustainable progress.

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Our approach includes sharing inspiring stories, raising awareness of global challenges, and developing partnerships with entities like the UN. We conduct training and workshops, fostering impactful initiatives and hosting engaging events.

Through Athalos World, our campaign ecosystem, we connect and empower individuals, change-makers, and thought leaders, highlighting campaigns and causes for a better world. Our Global Ambassador Program is an integral part of this, encouraging global participation in change.

For over a decade, we've been building a movement of empowered change-makers. We aim to partner with NGOs, businesses, and the UN, raising support for worthy projects and levelling the global playing field. Our mission is to connect people through communication, live events, and technology for good, recognizing that everyone has a unique contribution to make.

We see ourselves as catalysts for the Decade of Action, supporting others in doing good and fostering positive change, as we believe in being the change we seek in the world.


We are a movement of people doing good, supporting others to do good & aim to be catalysts for shaping the next Decade of Action

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We are always looking for talent

that can bring our business and our team a step further. 

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