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Future Growth

Drivers for Future Growth

Since it’s inception Athalos has shown remarkable growth and potential. We believe the following mix of value drivers to be.

Market potential

In our ever more globalizing world, we foresee a major shift from local to international mobile billing services as these services become more reliable and transparent. Athalos is relaxing now a global code with a +87810-number series which will make it possible for Athalos to implement International service numbers for GDS, GCS and GES. This would make us the largest global carrier and Telemedia provider with a free-numbering plan.

Our market approach consists of a push strategy, through which we offer regional resellers and direct content providers a unique “free” service number plan to open their market for calling-by-use. Athalos supplies this low-threshold service and an immediate revenue share, while our local partners provide knowledge of their key markets and bring in the relationships. We target direct content clients directly or via trusted relationships.