Global Access Service based on GAS Telephone number

Let’s assume you need an individualized direct dial in number to facilitate calls from its key/VIP customers to its call center

To realize that, Athalos will make the additional arrangements with Operators, worldwide, to route the GAS to the Athalos network.

We allocate your One World GAS Number for both local & international use. With the requirements and functions you want

You can then allocate the One World GAS number to your key/VIP customer

The customer can then easily and automatically reach a call center helpdesk, or an individual customer service representive.

For example, an insurance company: their clients will have one single (individualized) number to dial world wide instead of searching first for a number to dial, depending on the country they are visiting, and they will receive individualized services

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Global Ambassador Program

” We believe in global communications & creating better connection to make the world a better place for all, that’s why we launched our Global Ambassadors programme with the UN ”