Global Access Service
Personal Authentication based on GAS telephone number

Let’s assume you need an individualized APP which you can give to you VIP customers. This App can be activated via a GAS number which is used for personal authentication services

To realize that, Athalos will make additional arrangements with Operators, worldwide, to route the GAS to the Athalos network.

We will route the calls to the GAS number, so that individual numbers can be assigned, by your company which then can be used for activation and registering the user of the App

As soon as the user is accepted, their UPT number (which is associated with the company and its individual key/VIP customers) is then used to identify the user via the App having the GAS number assigned

In respect of the users privacy and security, several authentication options may be given
by the company as an option for their users.

Two- or multiple factor authentication can be provided by the use of either:

SMS Text messaging,

by sending the user a secured authentication string.


Voice Recognition,

by using a pre-recorded secret word or sentence only the user knows.


Facial Recognition,

by using the App’s camera functionality.


Finger Print Recognition,

by getting users finger print
using the App.

Email message,

by sending the user a
secured authentication string.

Swipe coding,

by presenting the user, via the App, a 16 or higher dot pattern table, so the user swipes their figure to Authenticate.

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