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Six Steps to easily create more income & better engagement

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Tell your Story. We Record you story for you OR you can send us your Charities Celebrity recorded Voice over or Audio file.

We allocate you a unique +87810 phone number for both local & international use. The inbound call rates are always the same

Promote the Donation number.
Use it to tell your story in specific campaigns, for day to day use or Emergency appeals, etc

Earn. Start generating income on every call Globally

Engage. The dashboard aloows you to see who your real Advocates are. Engage with them and create Brand Champions

movement on the ground

“Athalos was able to offer us a one global donation number helping us to raise our profile and amplitude; enabling us to reach new donors in Holland, the UK, Greece, France, Germany and the USA.”

Adil Izemrane
Movement On The Ground, the Netherlands

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