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movement on the ground

Athalos was able to offer us a Donation number helping us to raise our profile and amplitude; enabling us to reach new donors in Holland, the UK, Greece, France, Germany and the USA. We are looking forward to using the International Donation Number to increase fundraising.

Adil Izemrane
Co Founder – Movement on the Ground

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Asked Questions

Why did we set up Global Donation Services?

This is set up in order to provide NGO’s to receive funds in an easy, fast and transparant way. In our services, donors don’t need to give their creditcard details any other subscription based services. Donors also don’t need to have internet. The way they can donate is much more secure as you donate as long as you call.

So many donation platforms already exist. What is unique in the Global Donation Services?

Donors pay as per the length of their phone call. The phone number is a global number, so there are no different numbers per country. Costs are the same, wherever you are in the world.

So how does it work?

The caller dials the +87810 number and gets information about the costs of the call per minute. The donation is done automatically as for the length of the call. During the call, they get in touch with a (virtual) call centre of the NGO.

The number seems to be an international number, why is this and will this not deter donors to call?

Callers know in advance what the costs are, as indicated in the communication of the NGO, on tv/website/social media. By having just one number for global use, you can easily donate, wherever you are in the world and without the need of internet/payment details.

How will my NGO get paid and when?

The NGO’s will have acces to a web based live portal indicating the number of calls and minutes.
The NGO’s will receive a statement with the number of minutes which have been done in that particular month. NGO’s will then send an invoice to Athalos. After each month NGO’s get paid by Athalos with a payment term of 30 days.

Can we get paid in local currency?


How much is the pay out?

In principle €0,48 cent to €0,45 per minute (75% of the end user rate).

How much time will it take to set up this service?

After signature of a simple, standard contract, it only takes 48 hours.

How much does it cost for an NGO to use the Global Donation Services?

The basic service is Free of Charge.

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