Get one “Global” Customer Service Number

Create a better Customer Experience and Generate income – with one, easy to use “Global” Service center Telephone Number.

✓ One “world Number” – Accessible anywhere in the world
✓ Cut Set up & Administrative costs
✓ Free or Income generating – the choice is yours

Get one “Global”  Customer Service number

One simple, Global Customer Service telephone number

Free or Paid. The choice is yours.

+87810 Global Telephone Numbers

Try Our Easy to Set up “Plug & play” Global Telephone Numbers

Athalos provides you with a global solution to have just one Global World number.

Cover the globe instead of having lots of separate (DiD) numbers

Global Access Services (GAS)

Two AWESOME Opportunities

Generate Income

Our unique “Revenue Share” model, means you can
reduce costs and/or EARN Income from every call

Create Easy GLOBAL Access

Boost Customers satisfaction and massively reduce printing costs,
1 x Global customer service number makes it all possible

Generate Income and get a better Customer Service with the Athalos Global Voice Ecosystem

with our easy, free +87810 International Customer Services numbers

Enjoy Total Control of All Customer Service Centre Costs & Revenue

Allow people from 195 Countries direct on One Global Telephone Number

Save time with easy billing
& save administrative

time & setups in
multiple countries

With only one number your customers can call from any country anytime. It’s better & easier for them.

+87810 One global number
is a 21st Century game changer.

Choose to offer a Free of Charge global contact number
or the caller pays and you generate Revenue

Save on printing & design costs. One brochure with one tele-phone number that covers
you globally

Create a new Revenue opportunity and earn with every customer service
call that’s made

With clear transparent
pricing everything is clear
and obvious

A Unique World number solution to gain Global Access

A combination of proprietary access provider technology, decades of telecom’s experience a solid international network and a high scalability, put Athalos is in a position to become a global market leader. Athalos developed Global Access Services that originated from our leadership position
as an advanced Global access provider of unique Voice services & solutions

The issue/problem…


Multinational businesses, NGOs & Global enterprises with clients from all over the world, currently use different phone numbers in every country even for events with worldwide reach.

The challenge is this makes international communication more difficult.

This  also leads to high costs for call centres to have & maintain those numbers.

…our Solution

Athlos offers global access to reach clients globally & easily.

We use a unique phone code +87810 which is independent of geographical location. The aim is to connect & empower people /businesses/ organisations globally in an easy transparent way.

…the Opportunity

Start generating Income instead of incurring costs, with the revenue share model & reach a global audience.

Global access services (GAS) provides you with a Global World number solution which covers the globe instead of having separate numbers & therefore reduces costs, and multiple administration and all the setup hassle  in each country

The GAS solution can be presented in two different pay models… either
Generate Income or offer free calls and a better Customer Service experience globally



A global Airline can charge 10per minute to call their Global Booking Call Centre for standard/ basic flyers – but choose to offer FREE CALLS to for Gold status” members
as a perk.

IT Support & Help Desk Support

Charge by the minute with an income generating “Pay per Use” Global +87810 telephone number. Generate income for your IT or Help Desk support centre.

Virtual Call Centres

No Call Centre? No problem.

Athalos can set you up with a Virtual Call Centre & provide you with all the features of IVR & an International call Centre within 48 hours.

Visibility & Transparency

Feel safe with full Transparency & control via the Athalos website & app that keeps track of the number of callers 24/7 in realtime.


Ready to
Start Generating

Take Athalos for a test drive. It’s free to sign up. No obligation… No reason not to.

Asked Questions

How does it work?

The caller dials the +87810 number and gets information about the costs of the call per minute. Then the call will be routed through the international network via Athalos to your call centre.

What is a global acces +87810 number?

The +87810 phone number is a global number, which means that wherever you are in the world, you always get connected and have always the same phone costs per minute, no matter where you are.

What does each call cost?

Each call costs €0,60 per minute for the end user caller.

What are your benefits of using the Global Communication Services?

When using the Global Communication Services, you only have one phone number for worldwide use, instead of different phone numbers for each country. This means you will have much lower costs, phone costs are transparant and you even get revenue when callers call the +87810 phone number. In contrary to your current situation where you need to pay per call. Operating internationally will also be much more easy.

How do we earn money?

You get revenue when callers call the +87810 phone number. So the more calls, the more revenue!

How do we get paid?

You will have acces to a web based live portal indicating the number of calls and minutes.
You will receive a statement with the number of minutes which have been done in that particular month. After this, you will send an invoice to Athalos. After each month you get paid by Athalos with a payment term of 30 days. You can also work via your local telecom operator with Athalos and get your payments via them.

How will it save my call centre helpdesk or event organization money?

Due to just one phone number for worldwide use, you don’t need different phone numbers for every country. Because of this, the costs are much lower and you even get revenue when callers call the +87810 phone number instead of the current payment per minute.

How much does it cost to use the Global Communication Services?

Depending on the volumes you generate, you will pay a small set up fee and a small monthly recurring fee. Please ask Athalos or your local telecom operator for more details.

Can you give me some examples?

Every specialized call center with ‘expensive’ level 3 and 4 agents, the gaming industry for micro payments and every event organization using televoting, can now start using the Global Communication Services.