We are really happy to officially announce the opening of our new donation telephone line. A call to – 0900-6683636 not only makes an automatic contribution to our growing projects on the ground, it also makes us easier to reach so that you can find out more about our organisation and what we’ve been getting up to – directly from us! A huge thank you to PRS Telecom and Lab 3 who made this possible.

What you can expect when you call? 

  • A brief history of our Movement.
  • Our mission explained.
  • A talk with one of us!

A special thanks to Martijn van der Ven, CEO of PRS-Telecom, who set up the phone line.

“It’s our mission to be able to provide NGO’s with a safe worldwide phone line, various support services, call center services and more advanced support in communication and events through which people from all over the world can get in touch with  NGO’s and donate to their cause!”