Increase Revenues, Global Access & create more client “stickiness”

Join the Athalos Palladium Programme

Generate New sales & create new Global marketing opportunities for your business. Massively increase the retention & stickiness factor of your offering with an exciting new World Number.

✔️ Increase Customer Retention
✔️ Open up new Global Markets
✔️ Boost Revenues with a global 1 Number offering

Get one “Global”  Customer Service number

Learn how we can improve your
International Business offering

Offer a unique new World Number to your customers

Boost sales with a Unique World Service Number

Achieve instant, compliant scale for your business communications with enterprise-ready World Service Number and access of the global marketplace

Why Partner with the Athalos Palladium


Stand out

Differentiate yourself in a Crowded marketplace with a unique new product


1-2-1 Reseller Love

We’ll provide full support & training & all POS and sales materials


Easy Cross Sell

You have the clients. We have a product customers will love

For new resellers, the program represents a source of new clients & revenue; shows affiliation with an established, trusted provider; and will also increases visibility & SEO ranking through linkage with Athalos.

Once approved by Athalos, resellers are listed on Athalos site together with your logo, countries of operation & any other service specifications.

Don’t let your Competitors beat you
to Market – offer clients a unique
World Number

Get the Edge! Gain Competitive Advantage

Get the Edge on competitors. Make sure you increase your share of the market by offering an exciting new global number offering that your Competitors don’t have yet…

Lucrative payouts!

Generate income on every call your Clients
make! Build a steady & constantly growing passive revenue stream

All the Marketing
Materials you need

From promotional Videos, to banners, email and sales Literature. We’ll supply you with all the marketing & POS materials you’ll need.

Full product Training & support

We offer full training & support. We are happy to
train your sales teams, and hold weekly online
Trainings & Seminars

✔️ Full training in products
✔️ 24/7 Partner & Customer Support

Income Stream

The Palladium reseller program enables you to earn income promoting either (or both) of Athalos Voice products.
Choose from either:

Global Donation Services (GDS)
and/or our Global Access services (GAS)

You can lean more about each Program below

Generate PASSIVE income
from existing clients…

Have Charity Clients?
Earn more Income!

Generate more income in 2021 by cross selling to your existing charity or NGO.

Every charity needs new donors & now you have the opportunity to earn income on every call your Charity
clients make…

Offer “Global Access”
& earn on every call

Our Global Access (GAS) product enables Global services
via a unique world number.

From Voting at Eurovision, right through to chargeable service numbers for call Global Call Centers.

GAS opens you up to a world of earning opportunities

Generate Income
on every call

Achieve instant, compliant scale for your business communications with enterprise-ready World “Service” number

As a Reseller you make money on every call made!

At Athalos we believe in creating instant Access globally. We believe in a Revenue sharing economy.

That’s why we created a unique Voice Eco system that enables both communication & also for everyone
to be able to share in the revenue generated

How it Works

Earn via every call made on any unique Global Access “World Number”
that you can get as a reseller of the Athalos platform

Asked Questions

How do I get a World Number?

Simply join the Palladium programme and as soon as you’re on-boarded, you can start offering world numbers to your clients.

Once your customers are making calls with one of your world numbers you will generate income on every call. It’s as easy as that! Click here to speak to one of our sales reps today

What products can I sell?

As a partner in the Palladium programme you get access to two unique products to sell. If you selling to a charity market then our Global donation services (GDS) is 100% the product for you.

However if you have…. Lets say, a global call centre as a client…. or as a target audience, lets say any business that wants to offer their customers
a free phone number or perhaps you have a IT Call Centre or Help desk…. then Global access services (GAS) is the product you want to be selling.

If you’d like to see these products in action, simply book a demo today.

How much can I earn?
What does this Cost to me?
How long will I generate Income for?
What is GAS?

GAS stands for Global Access Services.  This is a unique product that’s perfect for Call centres, IT helpdesks or businesses that want to offer Online voting or voting via the telephone, etc. You can learn more about Global Access Services (GAS) here

What is GDS?

GDS Stands for global donation services. this product offers charities a unique global “world number” that allows charities generate income by having donors call a telephone number and pay per minute. charities can tell their Storey and donors can listen to the recordings donors can get more engaged and more involved with the charity by hearing their Storey and speaking to somebody on the ground. you can learn more about global donation services here

How do I get started?

It’s easy to get started!  start generating income with a batch of world numbers. Simply click here to speak to one of our sales representatives now

Set Up Fee

The following are the set-up fees for onboarding and monthly administration fees

5000   /one off

1750   p/m

Volume Costs per batch of numbers

The following are the costs for the volume of individual numbers purchased, individual numbers come in batches. You pay either per number of in a batch (or volume)

Number batch (Volumes)

€ 5  per number

375  flat fee



Price on request

What you Get:

You get the exciting opportunity to create customers for live and also to increase the “stickiness” of you service offerings

What we Deliver:

Depending on the level you choose you’ll get

Voice World numbers, Statistic- online, monthly reporting, standard provisioning, full IVR, our call centre app, CRM
online Training, support and seminars Plus 24/7 partner support

See the table chart below

Revenue for you
Once on board you will generate the following income per call

0.03 cent per call

Want to become a Reseller?