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Athalos as part of the conversation at ITU Virtual Digital World – 20-22 October, 2020

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

ITU Virtual Digital World 2020 is a three-day online event co-organized by Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) of Vietnam and International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the United Nations specialized agency for ICTs (information and communication technologies).

On the theme "Building the digital world. Together.", the event is a dynamic virtual experience exploring comprehensive digital transformation in the region and globally, focusing on key issues relating to the development of the digital economy, today and tomorrow.

ITU Virtual Digital World 2020 takes conversations and interactions online with roundtables, exhibition and forum debates from 20 October to 22 October 2020.

Athalos is part of these conversations and interactions. One of the main questions for Martijn van der Ven, Founder and CEO of Athalos, was: ‘What can you tell us about the key themes already coming out of the discussions?’ ‘How does the unique voice eco system of Athalos work and how can you play a role in building the digital world?’

Read further for the reaction of Martijn.

‘We are on our way to release this unique voice ecosystem in 2021, but, it is a marathon where my team and our partners are very excited and also learning everybody  that the solution within itself is not the most difficult part, but the way to enable the dialer this unique +87810 Universal World Telephone number to get access to this telephone numbers. The Software as a Service (SAS) is basically the platform that opens up one billion numbers to operators, OTT, carriers and service providers. The focus is to build transparency, access, low use of costs like high end user costs with no roaming cost and a revenue share for all parties involved. All will deal with a profit that sets the future of having no monthly costs, or high set up costs. We will bring back a vital new voice product, so everybody can connect (B2B and B2C)and get in contact through reliable telecom-media services. Let me give you some examples:

  1. Dial to the Eurovision Song festival to 1 number, so all calls will be handled by this unique number, reachable from the desired countries to vote on their favourite artist.

  2. Dial for a helpline cause of a disaster or emergency appeal. If you want to know if you family is still save, you can dial and also donate to the NGO who helps with food, shelter and communication.

  3. Dial the enterprise, small tech or big tech, with lower costs, worldwide reachability and world numbers for which we pay a revenue share to the clients.

  4. Dial for a day or week for the use of Spotify or Netflix. We support where there is no bandwith. You simply dial our numbers and you are in.

Companies that still have dozens of telephone numbers per country can now leave that behind and opt for the world number of Athalos!

We are now on board of our enterprise, spaceship of Athalos, we have a unique team with a lot of skills, know-how, execution mentality, all passionate thought-leaders, our imagination has no limits. We already work on launching additional services which we look forward next year to share in this forum. From my imagination we believe there are no limits in our voice-cloud platform.

Let’s create a revolution together!’

Do you feel connected? Visit, and and contact us directly on

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