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Athalos IoT

I am truly privileged to announce that as Athalos Global Services, we have launched a Global IOT MVNO. Together with our internationally strong partners, such as iBASIS, we provide global coverage without the need to switch SIMs.


We can provide Data for (Triple-Cut) E-SIM and iSIM. With our premium solution (the best networks anywhere in the world (like national roaming)). With this we can support static locations with IoT connectivity, without the risks of areas where a single local operator has no coverage.


We offer data solutions for both Triple-Cut E-SIM and iSIM, leveraging our premium solution that connects to the best networks worldwide, similar to national roaming. This ensures uninterrupted IoT connectivity for static locations, eliminating the risks in areas with reliance on a single local operator for coverage.


The application areas are enormous, think of:

·       building management,

·       healthcare,

·       cities and municipalities,

·       agriculture,

·       manufacturing,

·       transport (Mobility),

·       utilities,

·       etc.


The data can be assigned to a set of cards in a pool, which will allow fluctuations in usage per individual card to be absorbed.


The data allocation system is designed with flexibility in mind, distributing data across a shared pool of cards. This approach ensures that variations in data consumption among individual cards are efficiently managed and balanced.

This is all managed through the award-winning iBASIS Global Access for Things IoT™ portfolio, with its fully-featured management platform for the next generation of remotely programmable SIMs (eSIMs).


We would like to get in touch with parties providing IoT applications (hardware, software, etc.) or end-users who would like to deploy our service directly.


Please contact or send me a message.


Sharing is greatly appreciated!



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