Partner with
the Global Access
“Platform of platforms”

Join the Athalos Quantum leap program & claim your rightful place in the future of global access

A Platform offering you
 “Access” to connect Globally. 
ACCESS  anywhere, anytime…

The Athalos Platform allows you the ability access to all forms of free & chargeable content
globally & without geographical boarders one cheap call from anywhere
in the world is all it takes


Membership: Access has a Price

The Quantum-leap program is part of pre-empting the future,
join the new “Shared Revenue” ecosystem & benefit from economies of scale

Quantum Leap Program

 Access Fee

The fee covers the complete empowerment of our partnerschip to access our cylinder-platform. The main events of this engagment is to
activate Quantum-Leap program which includes access Athalos Global Services, Implemantation, Interconnecting, BIlling and Parnter-management.

 Membership Fee

The fee is establishing operational-partnerschip and is part of out trusted super-platform in the complete portfolio of tech-cylinders of Athalos.
Infinite program will execute the cross-over distribution where the partner need voice, data, IoT, M2M, AI and many more Software as Service.
The platform-of-platform is now activated and online

 Exponential impact fee

Pay per minute, pay per call, pay per use, pay per click
This is what we call the Q-effect

EURO  %  Revenue Share

Acces as a Service the revenue-share model which amplifies our partnerschip-platform. Several mixes of payout per Q will become part of the dial-in use the subscriber, dialer, user and billed by the Athalos Ecosystem, platform of platforms. The inevitable is now in full-effect, and the partner is part of preempting the future, the shared revenue is the economy of scale

How do I Apply?


Take five minutes to fill out the application form so we can learn more about you & the business you are growing

We’ll review your application to see if it is a good fit & will let you know if you are accepted into the Quantum Leap assessment program.


Once we’ve received the application – if it feels there possibly is a good fit, then we will invite you for a Demonstration & personal online Zoom interview to better understand how we can work togther & support you best.

Do you have any questions for us?

Always feel free to send us a note at


If accepted, we ask you to sign the T&Cs and secure your place by booking a date for the first exploratory Workshop

We then officially Welcome you into the Quantum leap Program