“We’ve always believed that relationships are key to building a better world, the world that you talk about that’s climate friendly, just and fair. We’ve also learnt in our own journey, that we’re all part of a story, and story tells other about who we are, what we believe, and what we are on earth to do. Life throws you its challenges and businesses know that just as well. But sometimes, you get to choose the type of story you want to tell. This choice is the single greatest responsibility that each of has. So as a business we decided that we’d be purpose driven, people centric and be about accessibility, inclusivity and advocacy. But that’s just the first chapter of one story. We’ve still got many more chapters to add and many more characters to introduce to our story. We don’t shy away of saying we still have a lot to learn as we navigate the next decade and that comes from smart partnerships where impact & people become the cornerstone for everything we strive for through our products, services and our engagement. “