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Why choose us!

A word from our Founder

“Our proprietary Telemedia technology, combined with decades of telecom experience and a solid international network, have put us in a position to become a market leader.”

When we started Athalos in 2014, we could only hope to fulfill our ambitions the way we have. By leveraging a set of proprietary solutions, telecom licenses and number plans, we were able to develop, manage and connect a growing number of clients and traffic through proprietary telecom licenses and international number plans, without initially owning our own technology. We soon learned however, that if we were to fully leverage our unique mix of experience, knowledge and international relationships and seize this market’s full potential, we would need to own our own technology.


Telemedia platform

Having our own Telemedia platform would mean a tremendous increase in capacity, profit margins and quality of service. We decided that the increase in upward potential would be well worth the temporary decrease in revenues during migration and started implementing the new system in the spring of 2018.
Full migration was completed in November of 2018 and we are proud to have done so without loss of any clients. Within the first months the new system has performed well beyond expectations and revenues are growing faster than projected.

Today Athalos is ready for the next step. With our own core technology in place, our technical capacity has not only increased with more than a tenfold, but we now have full access to an innovative Telemedia ‘engine’ in which we can which we can plug a variety of future value added services.

Global Donation Services has been the latest addition to our portfolio. This innovative and borderless service enables charities and non-governmental originations around the world to launch new donation methods to their target audience. Global Donation Services eliminates the necessity for credit cards or other complex processes. Donations can now be made worldwide, by simply using our International Service Numbers. Global Donation Services has the potential to become a globally recognized brand, where personal contact will improve the bridge between fundraising and the client.

World’s largest donation and crowdfunding network

Within the next few years we aim to connect over 10.000 projects through our Telemedia platform, while we aim to develop Global Donation Services into the world’s largest donation and crowdfunding network within the next five years. Our ultimate goal is to build an ecosystem of services that can keep up with all the challenges and demands that the ever changing future may bestow upon us. At this moment we have a number of value added services under development to secure.

Our ambitions however stretch beyond just creating a successful business. Because we believe it to be equally important to act responsibly and contribute to a better world, we plan to start the Athalos foundation in 2019.

By allocating 5% of our profit into this foundation we aim to support our Global Ambassadors Network with charity events, partnerships and funding. It has been quite a ride; we invite you to join us for its continuation!

Martijn van der Ven – Founder