Athalos – Global Communication Service provider with CPAAS on Global Access Services for Voice – ecosystems

In a world where global communication is connecting us, we need to stay connected, anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

How It Works




Athalos has a VOICE Platform

with One Number, One World


Humanizing The Digital World With Voice Our platform is the Engine of Flux “Kevin Kelly – The Inevitable” for different ecosystems:





Quantum Communications



Internet of Things

Customer Services



Copy Rights



Software & Hardware Security

Our Service


Global Access Service

Simplify the way you communicate with your valued customers with One World Number.



Our dream at Athalos,

We dream of Enlightment every day.

Your body emits Light, You have a Unique Quantum Identity, Only You can change it.

Connect it with your Voice and our World Number as a Digital Identity.

Let’s Humanize the Digital World with Voice.

You can be part of this Quantum Leap.

Join us and Enjoy Taking Your Responsibility.

Welcome to our Future


Join the Revolution

One World service numbers available for international companies, call centers, NGO’s, charities, event organizations and customers services. Get your unique world number.

Global Ambassador Program

” We believe in global communications & creating better connection to make the world a better place for all, that’s why we launched our Global Ambassadors program with the UN ”



In a world where Global Communicationis connecting us, we need to stay connected, anytime, anywhere, anyplace.