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The future of global connectivity is here!

At Athalos, we are committed to making our world a better place through global communication and collaboration. Our goal is to provide accessible communication solutions that bridge social gaps and unite communities empowered by supporting the Sustainable Development Goals.
We Empower People
One Number, One World

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Empowered By

At Athalos we offer

11 Billion +

Non-Geographic Phone Numbers

180 +

Countries for Global Coverage

Our Services

Data Solutions
We provide premium data connection across any border
Using Global Coverage,
Cost-Effective model &
Distribute data between bundles
Voice & SMS
No need for multiple numbers!
Reduce operating costs,
Worldwide flat fee &
Unique revenue share model
CPaaS Platform
Connect with our intergrated API factory on any device and service your customers
By setting up transparant APIs, our platform can connect the world

Why choose Athalos?


Our services provide access to anywhere in the world!


Experience impactful results at minimal cost!

User Friendly

Get access in one-click!


Athalos is a global communications provider with access to more than 11 billion+ global phone numbers!

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Boeingavenue 8
1119 PB Schiphol-Rijk


We are always looking for talent

that can bring our business and our team a step further. 

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