The Voice Cloud Ecosystem for Global Communications & Fundraising Services

In a world where global communication is connecting us, we need to stay connected, anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

Athalos has a VOICE Platform with

1 billion World Numbers.

1 Number – 1 World

Humanizing The Digital World With Voice
Our platform is the Engine of Flux “Kevin Kelly – The Inevitable” for different ecosystems:





Quantum Communications



Internet of Things

Customer Services



Copy Rights



Software & Hardware Security

At Athalos we offer a revenue share where we all win
with sharing services and profit by connecting people globally.

Connecting the World

In a world where global communication can connect us, we need to stay connected, anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

Athalos enables Global Communication & opens up the World of Access with
One World Number

One Call. One Vote. One World

A stamp of Transparency. Whether it’s the freedom of sending money internationally across borders, voting globally or allowing Free communication & calls around the world, etc.

The Athalos global interconnectivity platform is the future – today. 

Levelling the Playing Field

We believe in increasing opportunities for everyone.

We believe in “Tech 4 Good”. We believe in using technology to Level the Global playing field for all

Join the Revenue Share Revolution


Imagine a world where every telephone call generates good in the world. Whether it’s telling your Story, helping those in need or making you voice heard

Athalos is Powering meaningful Connection

Generate Income

Whether you are a charity or a call centre, learn how you can benefit when you choose to  join the revenue share ecosystem.

Reduce Costs

One global telephone number
means you can Save on printing
and administrative Costs

Connect People

One numbers makes for easier faster
better connection & customer service

Change the World

Use your voice to change the world. Become part of the movement – join our Global Ambassadors programme

Athalos is a Connectivity platform that enables clear, transparent communication & connection between people globally. We have created a unique Voice based “Revenue Share” Ecosystem in which everyone wins

Free Fundraising Tool kit for Charities

Charities & NGOs can access tools to promote their good works – for free

Our dream at Athalos,

We dream of Enlightment every day.

Your body emits Light, You have a Unique Quantum Identity,
Only You can change it.

Connect it with your Voice and our World Number as
a Digital Identity.

Let’s Humanize the Digital World with Voice.

You can be part of this Quantum Leap.

Join us and Enjoy Taking Your Responsibility.

Welcome to our Future


Perfect for Call Centres, Charity & Global Voting

Athalos offers a unique, international number where you pay only by use.

Charities & NGOs

Discover how one global donation No 1 will increase engagement & donation

International Call Centres

Slash printing costs & make a better experience for customers with one Global Service  Number, accessible from any country.

Help desk & Customer Service

Athalos offers for your call center helpdesks and service centres one single phone number, which you can use anywhere, anytime, all over the world

Join the Revolution

One billion World service numbers available for international companies, call centers, NGO’s, charities, event organizations and customers services. Get your unique world number.

global ambasador progamme

What we’ve been up to

” We believe in global communications & creating better connection to make the world a better place for all, that why we launched our Global Ambassadors programme with the UN “

In a world where Global Communicationis connecting us, we need to stay connected, anytime, anywhere, anyplace.