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About Us

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Our Vision & Mission

Athalos created a unique Voice Eco system that enables connection between people and businesses all over the world. We aim to develop a global network where everyone’s interconnected in order to level the playing field for all of humanity.

The astronaut is a metaphor which stands for the barriers we experience in global communications. With the help of Athalos Global Access Portal, we aim to make global communications accessible. By stepping into the portal, the astronaut will feel globally connected and empowered. This is what we call Humanizing the Digital World with our Voice.

Futurists in Innovation

In a world where global communication is connecting us, we need to stay connected, anytime, anywhere, anyplace. Meet our experienced team from around the globe that deliver amazing results.

Building Networks for People

Athalos has a unique in-house technology platform. Athalos provides a service that has never been possible before

  • One Worldwide Number proposition

  • Opening ACCESS for clients to 2-4 billion people globally (who cannot currently call in for a paid service)


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Boeing Avenue 8

1119PB Schiphol-Rijk

Athalos BV

+31(0) 850 710 463

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NL56 INGB 0006 482880



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