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As Athalos, we contribute to make our One World a better place

Phases of the Global Goals with Athalos | UN Global Compact Network Netherlands

Phases of the Global Goals with Athalos | UN Global Compact Network Netherlands

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Want to make the world a better place?

We’ve tasked ourselves in finding those Goalkeepers globally that champion the SDGS

Do you want to get involved? Are you inspiring people? Are you a role model? Do you want to help people? Can you be an advocate for doing good?

Sustainable Development goal 9

SDG 9, "Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure," calls for resilient and inclusive solutions that connect societies and propel sustainable development. It's about fostering boundary-pushing innovation and building infrastructure that leaves no one behind.

At Athalos, we deeply resonate with SDG 9. Our commitment drives us to create innovative, accessible communication solutions. We strive to bridge gaps, unite communities, and contribute to a future where progress pairs with sustainability. Through our work, we actively shape a world where no one is left behind.


Sharing Inspiring Stories

We showcase how business leaders, entrepreneurs, NGOs, UN, and citizens address global challenges and maintain the path of progress we've seen over the past quarter century through:




People like you will be at the heart of bringing change.

In hearing the stories from people that are changing the world, we create our very own role models, people who will inspire.

Recognizing world changers brings people closer to showcase their leadership in standing for the issues they care about and developing new policies and innovations to achieve the UN SDGs.

Our approach!

Fund Raising

Help raise raise money
for worthy causes!

Raise Awareness

Highlighting Situations & ways we can tackle the problems!

Host Live Events

Enjoy incredible LIVE immersive global experiences!

Develop partnerships with the UN

Lets work closely with the UN on promoting important initiatives!

Connect Leaders

Building a communication platform for

change makers!

SDG Training

Provide SDGs training & Workshops in partnership with UN Global Compact


Together we''ll promote & develop SDGs impact initiatives


Attend SDG Roundtables & Host talks & Live Events

We believe in Tech 4 Good, but it’s People like YOU  – that Make the Difference

Athalos World is an active Campaign eco-system created to connect, communicate & empower people, change makers, thought leaders, highlight campaigns & causes – that will create a better world for all

Greater impact

Our mission is to connect and empower individuals worldwide, enabling them to make a greater impact. We achieve this through hosting live events and immersive experiences globally.

We acknowledge the significance of acting responsibly and making efforts towards creating a better world. We have committed to supporting the United Nations' 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Agenda.

Our GAP Programme has been designed to bring together people that are doing good & be a catalyst to others.


Global Ambassador Program

We believe in global communication & creating better connection to make the world a better place for all, that's why we launched our Global Ambassador Program with the UN.

Every journey begins with the first step – join the Decade of Action

“YOU must BE the Change you seek to see
in this world, if not You, then WHO ?”

Our Story

For over a decade we’ve been working to inspire change, by building a movement of empowered change-makers around the globe.

Athalos really means something. Discover our values here >>

We´re working to partner hundreds of NGOs, Businesses & the UN with each other and aim to raise millions of dollars in-kind & cash support for worthy projects.

We want to level the playing field and empower people globally

Our mission

We’re on a mission to connect people & utilise both communication, live events & Tech4good. We believe in the Rhythm of life & that everyone can add value in their own unique way.

The Earth is One, but the World is Not

Everything in existence came from imagination & passion.  Belief is the chemical of our spirit…
everything is happening with a reason, nothing is by chance…

Join us on the journey & follow the synchronicity

Event: UN75

We’re proud to be part of the
UN’s 75th anniversary

Global Donations

We’ve created a unique Voice based  “Revenue Share” Ecosystem for
Global Charities


Listen to the interview with Adil co-founder of Movement on the Ground

Latest News & Events

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