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Athalos launches a sneakpreview of Athalos.World and its new podcast!

We are happy to inform you that Athalos will launch a new website in a few weeks, next to athalos.com. This is… athalos.world! Already now, you can start watching the sneak preview by visiting athalos.world. We hope you will get inspired!

Listen to the podcast!

On athalos.world, it is all about connecting and empowering people, as well as showing all information about the ambassador program of Athalos to the world.

Next to the sneakpreview on athalos.world, from Monday the 29th of June, you can also connect with us through listening to our new podcast: Welcome to the world of Athalos! Have a look on Spotify or SoundCloud, where you will find the podcast. Every week there will be new episodes.

In the podcast, we tell you more about the world of Athalos and the issues in life that Martijn van der Ven, CEO and Founder of Athalos, experienced and inspired him to build Athalos. Here we also share many ideas and thoughts of how to connect and empower people all over the world and create win win situations in global communications.


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