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Athalos made an application for a

Global Access Service

These International telephone numbers allow companies to allocate 
individual numbers to key customers. 

One Service, One Number, One World

With our Global Access Service you assign numbers to individual customers who can then dial the number from many countries and connect to companies.


We provide World Wide Access in two different ways. Discover our options and learn more about our service. 


GAS based on GAS telephone number

We provide only One single access number for World Wide access, instead of a DID number per country.


Personal Authentication based

on GAS telephone number

We can set-up an authentication based way for your customers to use your applications.

Global Coverage

Allow people from 195 countries
direct on One Single World Access

Easy for customers

Client will have better overview
and handling of security,
accessibility, capacity etc.
Thanks to the centralized single
number environment. 

Save Time

We provide single cost and
administration, instead of
individual cost and administration
per country 

Clear Retail Pricing

With clear transparent pricing
everything is clear and obvious

Better Experience

With only One World access number your customers can call from any country anytime. It’s better & easier.


Apply now for GAS


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We are always looking for talent

that can bring our business and our team a step further. 

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