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Athalos at the UN General Assembly 2019

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

  1. Support the advancement of the UN SDGs: Athalos has committed to supporting the SDGs #Goal 5, #Goal 9 and #Goal 10 and how we do so is ingrained in our global business strategy to foster inclusion, diversity, and empowerment and to influence other business leaders.

  2. Strengthen partnerships: We expressed our support to the UN in advancing the SDGs, meeting with broader stakeholders from the societies we serve and exploring partnership and collaboration opportunities with the multitude of stakeholders that were present during the week and we remain open to dialogue.

  3. Champion inclusion: Athalos is committed to empowering societies, and through a network of responsible digital leaders, extending the benefits of the digital economy to everyone which is vital in proving technology’s vital role in empowering the people and the businesses that make modern societies what they are.

  4. A Focus on Climate: The mobile industry is committed to leading on

  5. Climate Action and contributed to both dialogue and concrete action points on this global challenge.Athalos attended several major discussions during UNGA74

  6. High-level Political Forum (HLPF) on Sustainable Development

  7. Global Leaders SDG Business Summit

  8. UN WFP The Power of Data & Technology to Leave No One Behind

  9. WEF Sustainable Development Impact Summit: Enhancing Digital Leadership

  10. WEF Sustainable Development Impact Summit: Accelerating Climate Action

  11. 2019 Concordia Annual Summit: Building an Inclusive and Ethical Digital Future – Strategic Dialogue

  12. Future – Strategic Dialogue (session hosted by the GSMA in partnership with Concordia)

  13. WEF Sustainable Development Impact Summit: Boosting Investment through Country Roadmaps for the 2030 AgendaFor further information or press interviews with key representatives post UNGA 74, please contact: Zubair Anwar-Bawany |  Director Global Partnerships and Social Impact for Athalos B.V.| cell: +44 7821 430 264 |  email: | PO Box 3040, 2130 KA Hoofddorp, The Netherlands I “We believe in empowering people and projects through global fundraising” “One call, One number, One service, One world ” 


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