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Athalos Levelling the Playing field for Charities & NGOs in Pakistan

Building advocacy through tech4good with Socially conscious Partners

Published: 18 January 2023 13:00

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Across the world & across all sectors, amazing people that belong to the Humanitarian & Development sector are changing the lives of so many. By delivering the hard to reach, the most vulnerable, the excluded to those that need better services such as healthcare or education. These are our heroes and we know how tough things are as they strive to continue the great work they are doing alongside raising funds and building advocacy.

We’re delighted that our initiative is launched in Pakistan to coincide with #InternationalChildrensDay that goes beyond traditional advocacy & support for NGOs .

Mr Martijn van der Ven, Founder & CEO Athalos commented:

I am so inspired by the work that NGOs are undertaking and the impact they have created is evident from the number of lives that they have uplifted over so many years. So let me start by recognising that with a big, big, ‘Thank You’ to each and every one of them, here in Pakistan”.

We’ve understood that there are many challenges facing the not for profit and charity sector during this time, this remains the core issue in creating a changed environment. And as a commercial organisation with a social consciousness, we’re noting opportunities to increase innovation and development for NGOs that can create a parallel market, for commercial as well as a social value. And in offering NGOs access to our platform and parking through our Pakistan Partners, like Checkmate and the UN Global Compact, for us this develops Access & builds Inclusivity”

Athalos has developed a new fundraising platform where advocacy & impact innovation happens. The service, Sustainable Global Advocacy & Donation Helpline (GDS) is a Fundraising & Advocacy platform for small and mid-sized NGOs and Charities anywhere in the world. This is part of Athalos’ sustainability agenda, using Technology 4 Good. The company believes that its Sustainable Global Advocacy Service (GDS) platform will really add value to donor campaigns and bolt on to existing fundraising outreach AND help small to mid-sized NGOs play at the level of the INGO and Global Charities.

The company has partnered with the UN Global Compact in 2021 and announces its partnership with Checkmate, a digital media consultancy in Pakistan to relay its offer to NGOs in Pakistan.

Mr. Yasir Khan, Chief Regulatory Officer for Checkmate commented on the launch of the platform in Pakistan and on the partnership with Athalos:

“This new service from Athalos will go a long way in revolutionizing the way we know donations. We see Athalos’ entry into Pakistan as a game changer supporting UN SDG agenda and in helping the country in its social development. We are proud to be a part of this initiative”.

Brief details about Athalos

Athalos is a global communication solution provider and offers a unique global telephone number, which can be used anywhere, anytime. Athalos has amongst other services a revenue share system, from which you can benefit when you start using our services. Globally accessible for just €0,10/minute.

Brief details about Checkmate

Checkmate is an innovation driven Marketing Management Consultancy Company. They work with clients to help them grow their businesses, design new products and services and advise them on entering new markets. Checkmate are renowned in devising and implementing an organizational change in diverse industries and work environments.

While also providing their clients with clarity in objectives and strategy along with a complete redesign of the innovation process removing ambiguities and reluctance to moving away from the conventions.

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