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CSR Association of Pakistan

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Dedicated to corporate responsibility since 2005

The Association was set up in 2005 and now has number of leading organisations as members. We are the primary and one of the oldest national business-led coalitions dedicated to corporate responsibility. The Association was formed by a small number of committed individuals from both the private and not for profit sector. Early supporters have included a number of leading Pakistani institutions.

Regeneration was our initial focus; we acted as a broker for companies supporting local enterprise agencies with initiatives that empowered communities through cash, people, premises, equipment, expertise and employee volunteering projects. Initially, we were dedicated to regenerating local economies across Pakistan through community development and sustainable initiatives. This later widened to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and integrating sustainability into our members’ core business strategies. As a result, we’ve helped to institutionalise and mainstream corporate responsibility.

The CSR Association of Pakistan introduced the annual awards to recognise and raise awareness amongst both the Pakistani business community and the general public after it was founded in 2005 and whilst the Organisation has evolved greatly and continues to, we have always encouraged companies to get involved individually and to work together through collective business action.

Why cooperation with GDS?

Dr Zubair Anwar-Bawany – Chairman / Executive Secretariat / CSR Association of Pakistan

“Over the past 18 months we’ve been focusing on cross-sector collaborations that unite funders, nonprofits, governments, and corporations to achieve large-scale impact and to solve social problems in powerful new ways. That work across sectors has meant partnering foundations, corporations with nonprofits and governments across Pakistan to develop more effective solutions to the Country’s most challenging social issues. Our goal remains still to help organisations and companies – individually and collectively – create greater and more effective social change.”

Working with GDS

Working with GDS allows us to bridge the untalked about trust deficit issues and reduce that gap between funders and recipients. This partnership between the two organisations is a long time coming, where we really get to address the traditional challenges of donor engagement. It should come as no surprise that in a time where people on both ends of the development agenda spectrum are more clued up and savvy, that smart approaches become prevalent, We’re quite simply bringing two smart institutions together and everything that are infrastructures present and packaging that through technology to provide truly wider access and enable smarter outreach.

More information:

Call: + 248 264 7501 and talk, share, help and move on TOGETHER ! GDS is paying 75% of there income to CSR. 25% are spend to cover costs to innovate the platform and cover the organization, human support, communication and developing cooperations.

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