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Leading the World by Example : UN Week

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Join us for an In Conversation this UN Week, where we bring an effervescent mix of personalities who’ll share their insights on what role & part we play in shaping the World as we enter a #DecadeofAction.

An inherent Doing Good mindset’s apparent across nations, business and organisations, so can we move this will to do good into a movement of Doing Good People, who act as Role Models & Activists in activating the UN’s SDGs in their lives, their business & in motivating others?

We’ll do a deep dive into what these role models have been doing to ‘Activate’ their Networks for Doing Good, why impact is so personal to them and what part we all play as ‘catalysts’ to inspire & mobilise others and become a Springboard for what happens next.

Hosted By

Martijn van der Ven Founder & CEO of Athalos

Zubair Anwar-Bawany Global Partnerships Director


D’Arcy Lunn Dulwich Schools Group Head Sustainability & Global Citizenship

Jehan Ara Founder & The Big Bird of The Nest I/O

Hermina Johnny Founder Aspire Artemis Foundation

Imtinan Ahmad Entrepreneur, Speaker, Business, Coach

Adil Izemrane Co-Founder Movement on the Ground

Ehsan Gul Head of Experimentation at UNDP Pakistan

Niaz Malik Deputy CEO ZONG China Mobile Pakistan

Hugo von Meijenfeldt Senior Sustainability Advisor, UN Global Compact Network Netherlands

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