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The Journey of being a Tech4Good Company

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

During the online Research Forum 2020 event, called ‘A Modern Day Catalyst For Change,’ Martijn van der Ven, Founder and CEO of Athalos, was one of the panelists in the panel session Big Tech! Small Tech! Safe Tech! Innovating to stakeholder value.

 Rounding up an extraordinary year for tech giants, the panelists looked at the opportunities created by the pandemic, but also at the engagement models that businesses have designed to take advantage of the global digital shift. A shift that has been accelerated by social distancing measures worldwide. In parallel, they looked at transformative and new innovations and the entrepreneurs taking these to scale. With more people engaging with each other and with businesses online, safety should be at the forefront of every user and service prover. Understanding the evolving cybersecurity space will allow businesses to truly maximize the value that they create whether as tech giants or innovative entrepreneurial start-ups.

‘I have hope that our believes stay stronger than our desires for having only a landscape of a digital revolution. We are now all part of a global movement where we should feel all we are in a way a “refugee.” We know what it is not to go to your family or to the office to meet your colleagues and share your passion, we know that having the freedom to do what you think is good take care of, to help, to dream, to act and to combine forces,’ says Martijn.

He continues: ‘In a world where global communication is connecting us, we need to stay connected, anytime, anywhere, anyplace.Athalos is a Connectivity platform that enables clear, transparent communication & connection between people globally. We have created a unique Voice based “Revenue Share” Ecosystem in which everyone wins. We empower people to start again with humanizing the digital world with voice. I believe that the next decade will leave us no other way to reinvent ourselves as humans which desperately seek for new way to connect with each other. The voice is the essence of any vibration where you can feel comfortable to talk. The analogy within the digital world will bring back colour, sound, impact without any form of how you look like, how many like you have, or what colour you have.’

My message to the world is that we will bring back through our voice-cloud platform, platform together. We are building:

  1. VOICE CLOUD platform-of-platforms

  2. A node in the networks of the digital world

  3. Dial into one unique number from anywhere in the world

  4. 1 billion World Numbers: 1 Number – 1 World

  5. These numbers are legal digital identities

  6. Partners can integrate these identities and human voices on their digital platforms i.e.:

  7. Telecom, Payments, Music, Entertainment, Copy Rights, Publishing, Internet of Things, Donations, Mobility, Sustainability, Software & Hardware Security and Quantum Communications

  8. Athalos wants to work globally with operational, strategic and technology partners

  9. Our business model preempts the future: shared revenues

 ‘We believe that we are part of the Inevitable – the 12 technological forces of reshaping our future, which comes from Kevin Kelly who is the author of this visionary horizon. We have worked in the past years to come to only one solution: access for everybody, by co-creation and partnerships around the globe – to bring equality for everybody who needs connectivity, we are building the most impact and powerful voice-cloud network and we seek for on all levels cooperation,’ says Martijn. is our commercial domain, is our Sustainable, Development domain where human capital is the centre of our universe, is our invitation to the world to join our journey in business, ethos and impact and

Athalos.portal is our global ecosystem made for enterprises, fundraising, communications and many cilinders of services yet to come.

It is not easy, but we are here to work on this movement to give every company, every citizen of the world, every instrument of any kind, considerable power back to the voice services.

Do you feel connected? Visit, and and contact us directly on


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