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Voice-Related Services for Charities and NGOs

Updated: Sep 30

What is the importance of voice-related services for charities and NGOs? Voice services allow us to humanize the digital world and that can be of great value to charities and NGOs. In this episode, Zubair and Martijn talk about attracting donors on a global scale. One of Athalos' ambitions, is to humanize the digital world with voice. Voice services allow us to easily stay connected on a global scale, on a personal level. Martijn and Zubair discuss how these voice services can add value to charities and NGOs. In addition, they discuss how charities and NGOs can easily attract global donors to reach a larger audience. At the end of the podcast, they discuss the future of reaching a target audience.

or watch via: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1zkAo9e2oY&t=1106s Do you feel connected? Visit athalos.com and athalos.world, look at our journey and join us. Subscribe to this podcast on Spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud and follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Welcome to the world of Athalos!


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