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GDS advise, support and provide the NGO's with services which fully automate there fundraising, volunteer intake and information as well as press and media intake and information. Our goal is to take care of the NGO’s hassle and support so the NGO focus on the actual roll-out of the core-projects. How we do it ? Please find our demo's below:

Fundraising line:

Via this donation-line your callers will dial an international premium rate number. After the obligatory tariff announcement informing your caller on the costs per minute a menu will be played. Each menu option is followed by an explanatory audio file such as your projects, your history and goals, how to make an extra donation, volunteer for you and get in touch with your agents.

There are more options such as automated recognition of/or ask the caller to enter the caller's number and save it after its consent to send a free text message with a link to your online donation module and use the number for a follow-up outbound campaign, use our callcenter agents to answer your calls to your specifications etc.The call will generate instant donations and transferring the call to an agent and/or sending the text message to a online payment page will generate further donations quickly. And as we aim that the funds need to go where they belong we do not charge any costs nor high set up fees.

DEMO ON REQUEST: dial for demo +31203697190 or per


Callcenter service:

Your employees busy answering calls all day? Or no agents at all? No worries. As part of our program we provide you with our callcenter services. International agents of multiple languages, e.g. Dutch, English, Arabian, Chinese, etc, will take your call according to your specification. Our agents are trained for several days for the specific project and process the call accordingly. Caller details are processed in a CRM-system generation a 360-profile on your callers (check CRM further on this page). Extra costs applicable for callcenter services


Online fundraising:

Simply integrate our online payment module for your online fundraising goals. We provide iDeal, PayPal, Bitcoins, credit and debit card and many more. Use our API to integrate this solution in your website. Extra costs applicable.



Our CRM-system provides a 360 view on your generous givers. Personal details such as Phone number, address, city, country and even social-economic profiling to check chances on funds for follow-up campaigns as well as pending funds can be provided. Our USP with this profiling provides you the perfect insight for outbound, follow-up and new campaigns. Extra costs applicable.


Webcare, Social Media monitoring/pushing and WhatsApp:

What? How do you raise funds via these services? Actually, quite simply: you promote your campaign via social media and our webcare monitors any mentions of your NGO and content and replies are pushed to generate funds to your fundraising services. And what about WhatsApp? Our agents answer the whatsapp via our portal and send a payment link for instant fundraising.



Kind of old-fashioned ring to it but SMS is a very valid and direct medium to call to action for funds. There are several options here such as a free of charge message with a link to your online fund module or a premium charged one-time message or even flex donation to approve the oncoming bank transfer. So many options here, we need to discuss how you'd like to have it set up. Extra costs applicable


Is that it? No, certainly not! are movers and shakers, we disrupt fundraising as you know it. We're always on the move to add new services making your funds quick, easy and accessible.

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