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Global Donation Services

Global Donation Services (GDS) is a fundraising service developed by PRS-Telecom. We provide an innovative telecommunications technology platform developed to support NGOs, Charitable Organizations and SMEs with accessing new fundraising streams and attaining global reach for their emergency appeals and day to day fundraising campaigns. GDS is run and managed by a dedicated team of GDS Ambassadors that support our clients’ needs. Through the collaboration of our networks, partnerships and technology, we want to embrace the world by offering a platform which makes it easier to make a change for those in need around the world. Our goal is to simplify the donation process so that anyone anywhere can give immediately to the causes that they support, at the time of need, in a simple and transparent manner. Anyone with a telephone can now donate easily and securely any amount they determine.


CALL TO ACTION: Simple Global Donation Collection

Although we have become more globally and socially connected our world may seem small, but our population continues to increase and so do the global challenges we face each day, month, year. It is very easy for a well meaning individual, who wants to help make a difference, to feel helpless in the face of all the global problems and causes that need attention and funding. Those who can give monetarily can find it difficult to donate to a cause in a simple and transparent manner. Whether it be a mistrust of technology and skepticism of providing credit card details on-line, to not having direct access to the technology required. Anyone with a telephone can now donate easily and securely!

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