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One call

Global Donation Services (GDS) provides NGOs, Charitable Organizations and SMEs with a simple, transparent and powerful fundraising tool.

The essence of GDS is a complete turnkey solution in which the client receives the following:

  • 1 contract

  • 1 number which provides access from any country, anytime, anywhere*

  • 1 service portal based on a simple reporting- and contacting application

Collecting donations has just gotten easier!

* Except: India, Bangladesh & Iran (until further notice) are now under negotiations

What are the costs & what is included?

  • 1 year contract with an automatic annual renewal

  • Admininstration fee for implementation and support (yearly)

  • Yearly fee for service, training & e-learning based on type of company and # of users

  • Options available upon request:
    - GDS-01: Call to Audio (recording) with maximum call duration of 20 minutes
    - GDS-02: Call to Contact Center of GDS Client
    - GDS-03: Call to Interactive Voice Response (IVR) / Call Center agent of GDS Client or Call Center

We offer a valuable new fund raising stream to the current donation collection methods.
GDS can support and implement any customized requests by the client.
Our goal is to help your organization to obtain new revenue streams without geographical borders or any hidden costs.

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